When the child was very small she drew a picture.  It seemed to be a rather frightening sort of rabbit ..thing.  Her mother asked her what it was.  She told her “it’s a creature so tiny you can’t see it, so tiny it can live inside the cells of leaves and be invisible, but if a scientist discovered it..” and here she trailed off as if the rest of the sentence was too much to be revealed.  Something too awful and terrible to say.  Her mother sensed this with a sudden tense foreboding, horrific wondering of what exactly might her daughter have perceived or perhaps conjured through the sheer power of childhood’s imagining.   The child sensed this in her mother’s tensely held breath and before the pause had barely been born, before her mother could voice any question she spoke “..they’d make friends!” While the child counted it a secret kept, a truth unrevealed and a matter closed, her mother never fully shook that feeling of dread. 

One Fine Mourning – the first tale, find out how it all began. |page 1|page 2|page 3|page 4|page 5|page 6|page 7|page 8| |page 9|page 10|page 11|page 12|

Opposite Day at the Beach – a day in the life of Plas and her mother, a short story.

Blood Like Water – The tale takes another strange turn in this story from Marty’s childhood. |page 1|page 2|page 3|page 4| |page 5|page 6|page 7|

Frost Bully – young Morgan suffers a bully on a life-changing day, a short story.

In the Evidence Locker – Morgan and others trapped in the system. |page 1|page 2|page 3|page 4|page 5|page 6|page 7|

A Gyre Full of Nurdles – Plastic sick and envisioning on a sicker ocean. |page 1|

Selfsame – A tale of horror about the Andersen’s child Nat discovering their darker intentions. |the preview teaser|


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