Steps That we undertake in building a website

Steps That we undertake in building a website

Here we present you the steps that we undertake in building a website in a concise way-

  • Contact and Identification- In the first step of Website Building, we contact you and identify your goals, aspirations, motives behind building the website. We inquire about your company also, so that individualized work could be one which suits the identity of your company.

  • Information Architecture- The functionalities, features and structure are decided in this process as these constitute the front-end development part of the website.
  • UI Design-Our team focuses on designing UI which corresponds to the identity of your business. As Designs of the website has the potential of converting a visitor into a client.
  • Development using Languages and Coding- We now get on the development part of the website. The Back-end process ensures high security and storage of crucial data. We code the websites in such a way that enables the Content Management System to be handled by a non-technical person after we bequeath the complete website by using PHP or sometimes we use wordpress as well. It totally depends on the project requirements.  You can hire php developer from us from you project.
  • Testing of the Website- Now it’s time to test the functionality of the website. We use sophisticated software and real users to test the components of the website such as the User Interface, UX, Machine-Human Interaction, among other things. We search for any sort of Software Bugs, Glitches and sort them out. Even after the development of the website, our team makes it sure to provide with regular updates and support after the launch of the website.
  • Launch- Once the project is completed we deliver the website or launch it on our client’s server.



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